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       427. TATYANA
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ID: 427
Name: TATYANA (Ukraine, Sumy)
Age: 45 YEARS OLD (11th of January, 1974)
Zodiac sign: CAPRICORN

Marital status: SINGLE, 1 child (Bogdan 21 years old)

Height: 168 cm (5' 7.2")   Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Body build: SLIM
Eye color: HAZEL   Hair color: FAIR

Education: COLLAGE   Profession: TAILOR
Languages: English (with dictionary)  


Please, recognize my true talent to be a real woman – gentle, caring, feminine, affectionate and sensual, the one who believes that a relationship should be built on trust. I am faithful, honest and reliable and my future partner will know that he can count on me to keep my word, to be there when he will need me and to do what I will be supposed to do. My man will feel secure and appreciated with me. I have a very kind and exceptionally warm character, and understanding nature, which in association with forgiveness and ability to compromise may become a powerful tool for a strong, healthy relationship. My positiveness and optimism is natural - my face is often lighted up with a smile and I will be so happy to make every day of my future soul mate a good one! I am open, easy-going and sincere and I can get along with any kind of people. I will respect my man as an individual and love him for who he is.   I take care of myself doing sports in order to be attractive for my future partner and stay healthy. I do fitness and walk a lot. I enjoy cooking and my dishes turn out really delicious. I enjoy gardening and cultivating flowers.  I like reading and watching informative programs.


Seek for age: 45 to 65

I would like my future partner to be kind and confident, supportive and loving, the one who will beam with joy and pride each time I will succeed in something. His honesty and loyalty are the features which are really important for me. I believe in complete trust and sharing feelings between partners as well as sincere communication which, I believe, helps to maintain healthy relationship. I would like us to be a team which goes through life hand in hand, caring about each other and helping each other in everything.




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