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       1438. YEVGENIYA
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ID: 1438
Name: YEVGENIYA (Ukraine, Sumy)
Age: 23 YEARS OLD (26th of February, 1995)
Zodiac sign: PISCES

Marital status: SINGLE

Height: 173 cm (5' 9.2")   Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Body build: SLIM
Eye color: GREEN   Hair color: BROWN

Languages: English (fluent)  German (with dictionary)  French (with dictionary)  


It is so pleasant and simple to just be me. I listen to my heart and follow its desires and needs and it always leads me to the right places and good people. But I still have not discovered a true love with which I can realize my potential and my dream to create a loving family. I have heard many interesting stories about dating service and here I am looking for my kind and sincere man who will appreciate me for who I am and all the sincerity I have in my heart. I am very joyful and active, sometimes shy, but playful and sexy, elegant and sophisticated, smart and humorous. My inner world is bright and deep and every day I discover some new interesting things which excite my imagination. I love psychology and arts, sports and music. I go to gym regularly and do track-and-field athletics. I am very good at cooking and I can amaze the most extravagant tastes with culinary talent. I like literature and I write poems. I adore learning foreign languages. When it is hot in summer time it is so amazing to go to the beach with my close people having a nice picnic, play badminton or volleyball and swimming in a cold water of river. We do not have sea or ocean here, but it is not that important, because the most important is with whom you spend your time and how you can entertain yourself and others. I am not a material person, but I also love beautiful flowers and little surprises from my beloved man. It does not matter how much money we spend on impressing our beloved ones, because the most important is sincerity of our intentions and the power of our imagination. When it is cold it is so romantic to cuddle or prepare a tasty dinner together and then sitting close to the fire enjoying sharing it feeding one another. It is so amazing to ride a bicycle and feel the wind on your skin watching how pictures of nature are changing so fast and giving you the feeling of vivacity. I love taking photos and putting them into my albums, because then after some years it is so amazing to look through them reminding some good and funny times you have had. Maybe one day we will create our own album where we are going to put colourful pictures of our happiness.


Seek for age: 30 to 58

I want you to touch every string of my heart and soul, to warm my body with love and passion and to cure every cell of my being from loneliness. I want him to admire the beauty of nature, be ready for experiments and new horizons of this life. I see us on the balcony watching the stars and whispering to each other how much we love and need one another. I want your eyes open wide, attentive, courages and curious. I do not expect you to write poems to me or sing serenades, just be sincere, kind, loving and open.




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