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       1365. NATALYA
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ID: 1365
Name: NATALYA (Ukraine, Sumy)
Age: 35 YEARS OLD (5th of March, 1988)
Zodiac sign: PISCES

Marital status: SINGLE

Height: 169 cm (5' 7.6")   Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
Body build: SLIM
Eye color: HAZEL   Hair color: BROWN

Languages: English (with dictionary)  


I have so much unspent love, tenderness and care inside to give to my future soul mate. I am a family-minded woman who is able to create harmony, warmth and coziness at home. With my life experience came maturity and wisdom. I am a beautiful woman with a big and gentle heart who desires to find my only one in this huge world. I am active and energetic, I prefer not to idle away my time and do something useful or learn something new. Being positive and optimistic I usually see the better side of any situation. I am patient and understanding and I am sure that life is too short to waste it for false offenses and sorting out the relationship, we should appreciate every single moment as it will never repeat again, as it is so unique. I could call myself a kind, sociable, joyful, polite, very sincere, open person. I am faithful and I do respect and appreciate the feelings of other people. I like to keep fit and I enjoy fitness and exercising, playing volleyball. I am a great motivator and I enjoy arranging an active leisure time between my friends and colleagues, I organize various contests, some sports and other interesting activities to cheer them up. I love to go outside the city to have a picnic. I enjoy cooking very much, especially healthy food for my close people whom I surprise with exotic and delicious dishes. I love to spend my free time reading.


Seek for age: 30 to 55

I just want to meet my second half, the one who will be goal-oriented and motivated, who knows what he wants from this life. I hope that he will be a kind, sincere, attentive, wise man who will be able to listen, to support and give a piece of advice, the one who can love and who is ready for stable relationship. I would like to be able to trust him as I believe that it is the basis of successful relationship.




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