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       1599. ANNA
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Contacts information which You will receive:
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ID: 1599
Name: ANNA (Ukraine, Sumy)
Age: 29 YEARS OLD (10th of January, 1991)
Zodiac sign: CAPRICORN

Marital status: SINGLE

Height: 165 cm (5' 6")   Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
Body build: SLIM
Eye color: BLUE   Hair color: BLOND

Languages: English (with dictionary)  


I am a very special woman, the one who is able to love truly, affectionately, selflessly and life-longly. True commitment for me means seeing a forever with another person. I am joyful and optimistic, and I have an ability to make my man feel better no matter what. I am able to really open up to my partner, do nice things for him, value his opinion and give him personal space. I am understanding and supportive and I will always be there for my man even if it is not that easy for me. I can be a good advice-giver and motivator towards success. I am flexible and a team-player and I will do anything for my man to help him in his endeavors. I have very strong inter-personal skills, and may find myself in the role of a peacemaker frequently. :) I am very sympathetic and concerned for my partner's well-being. I am generous and warm, persistant and very faithful. I love and I am very good at cooking and my dishes are really delicious. F6itness charges me with additional energy and keeps me strong, good-shaped and healthy. When I have some spare time I love to read books. I enjoy being outdoors, meeting with my friends in a cafe, listen to nice music.


Seek for age: 34 to 60

I am not looking for somebody ideal, we just need to be compatible. It is very important for me that my future partner could truly be himself around me. I would like him to love, care and understand me, be reliable, loyal, positive and self-confident.




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